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Ideas for Decks and Patios

Having a patio or a deck extends your home’s living space to the outdoors. No matter the size of your backyard, there is a style that compliments every home. Decks and patios increase your home’s resale value, providing they are well-maintained.

Deck and Patio Styles and Designs

Add some landscaping around the perimeter of your deck or patio help define and soften the lines of the space. Mixed greens such as boxwood or ornamental grasses can stand alone or be mixed with flowering plants. Container gardens with a mix of annuals and herbs make a great addition.

 Deck and Patio Uses

 Design an outdoor kitchen. Planning a workspace and a grill and /or oven can be enjoyed year round. A simple grill or an elaborate

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It gets cold here in New York and with our combination of snow and ice storms, things can get dangerous, very quickly. An emergency kit like the one we have pictured here is essential-one for every car and for every home, so you have the tools you need in order to combat cold weather and dire circumstances both in your home and on the road. While you might be a very careful winter drivers, others might not be, and an accident that you are not even involved in can leave you stranded on the highway for hours. Having a kit that contains not just tools and first aid, but also food, water, and a blanket, is absolutely essential.

At times we receive enough snow to be virtually trapped in our homes. While you might be able to dig your car out, the roads are so

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