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Living the dream! Here’s what to look for when buying or renting a vacation home. Are you looking for a place to rent out for income, use for yourself or a combination of the two?

1.    Price Range. Step one: what price range do you want to be in. Will you be financing or paying cash? If you are thinking about financing, I have a wonderful loan office licensed in both New York and Florida. She will be your first call to get the lay of the “second home” land. A pre- approval will put you in the best purchasing position possible.
2.    Size. How big is your family? Does everyone need their own room or is everyone happy to share? Do you spend a lot of time gathering in the kitchen or do you need a large sitting area? Think about what your family likes to do

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There is nothing more calming than stepping into a spa. Think how wonderful it would be if you could duplicate that feeling in your own home. Here are some decorating tips to help you achieve that perfect Zen, spa-quality bathroom regardless of your budget.

 1.    Close off the tub area. When you’re taking a shower, do you ever feel like you’re a little too close to your toilet and sink areas? While creating a separate room just for your shower and bathtub might not be in your budget, but you can visually close it off by adding a dramatic shower curtain that obscures the rest of the bathroom. If your space is large enough add a few houseplants to section the space off visually.

 2.    Add in some luxury products. Spas always feature luxury soaps

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