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It gets cold here in New York and with our combination of snow and ice storms, things can get dangerous, very quickly. An emergency kit like the one we have pictured here is essential-one for every car and for every home, so you have the tools you need in order to combat cold weather and dire circumstances both in your home and on the road. While you might be a very careful winter drivers, others might not be, and an accident that you are not even involved in can leave you stranded on the highway for hours. Having a kit that contains not just tools and first aid, but also food, water, and a blanket, is absolutely essential.

At times we receive enough snow to be virtually trapped in our homes. While you might be able to dig your car out, the roads are so

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Living the dream! Here’s what to look for when buying or renting a vacation home. Are you looking for a place to rent out for income, use for yourself or a combination of the two?

1.    Price Range. Step one: what price range do you want to be in. Will you be financing or paying cash? If you are thinking about financing, I have a wonderful loan office licensed in both New York and Florida. She will be your first call to get the lay of the “second home” land. A pre- approval will put you in the best purchasing position possible.
2.    Size. How big is your family? Does everyone need their own room or is everyone happy to share? Do you spend a lot of time gathering in the kitchen or do you need a large sitting area? Think about what your family likes to do

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Some people do not believe that they need a home office business or a household a dedicated space is a must. If you have an unused space in your home, making it into an office can help not just with organizing your home and life, but can also give you the headspace you need to get work done. Here are 4 steps to creating a Home Office.

1. Get a real desk. Not a kitchen table, not a piece of wood on top of some boxes. Build it yourself, contract someone to build it for you or pick one up at a home goods store. A "real" desk will make your office feel like a "real" workspace.

2. Add an idea board. Whether it is a whiteboard or a chalkboard, get something up on your wall that you can use to quickly jot down ideas, visual concepts, or just leave a note

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Adding curb appeal to your home does not have to be expensive and it does not even have to be time consuming. Whether you are preparing your home for sale or just want to spruce it up for your own enjoyment, here are my Top 6 suggestions…

1. Paint your front door. This is an easy way to give your entrance some pizazz. Choose a color that will compliment your house color yet stand out.

2. Change your hardware. If the hardware on your door, the light fixture beside it, or the mailbox are looking a little run down, changing one or all of these out can give your home an updated appearance. Think black, bronze, pewter or gun metal- buh bye dated brass. If the mail box or light fixture has “good bones” consider spray painting them for a few dollars

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